Custom acoustic

Designed for industry


The best hearing protectors for industrial use

Aphonour is the acoustic attenuator designed specifically for the industrial sector; It makes the worker safe, protecting him from harmful noise without isolating him.
It is anatomical, practical and easy to use in daily work.


The best monolithic ear protector for industrial use

Why choose Aphonour

otoprotettori per l'industria

Designed for industry

Aphonour is the ear protector designed specifically for workers in the industrial sector.

tappi protezione rumore

Protects without isolating

Preserves hearing without isolating, allowing you to work in complete safety.

protettori acustici igienici

Hygienic and easy to wash

Aphonour is made of hypoallergenic, hygienic and easy to wash material

protettori acustici riutilizzabili per l'industria


Aphonour is made for everyday use; maintains its characteristics unchanged over time.

otoprotettori personalizzati

Respect the environment

Aphonour is reusable for several years, drastically reducing the environmental impact.

Halve your business costs

Aphonour is convenient and halves business costs compared to disposable ear protectors.

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